Individual Lesson
Small Group
Unlimited Group Classes
You get as weekly individual lesson with your instructor. This allows the student to focus on learning new material.
You get a weekly small group class. The small group class is designed to give you another class with your instructor and a few other students to focus on hands-on techniques or break down principals in the art.
We offer three group classes per week. The group classes are designed to give the students a workout, practice, hands on self defense techniques, and sparring.
Our orienation package includes three 15 minute private lessons, this offers the student a risk free way to try out Idaho Kenpo, while also introducing the basics, self defense techniques, and giving an overview of Kenpo karate.
  • No Long Term Contrats
  • Three 15 minute private lessons
  • $39.00
Contact Us to Schedule a Lesson
$110.00* per month
  • One 15 minute private lesson each week
  • One 15 minute small group each week
  • Unlimited access to hour-long group classes
*$10.00 discount with auto renew.